Proyecto Roble

eco-max office

Powerfull Pair

a shed construction kit


early 20's house extension

MOoij op de Vlietberg

eco-hybrid in the wetlands

City Ahoy!

temporary land art on central island IJburg

"Our house in the middle of the street"

house Kadoelen


masterplan landscape and urban design events park Breda

“The persistence of memory”

Vossius apartment

Elisabeth TweeSteden Hospital

masterplan healing outdoor spaces

The charm of the garden

supported housing for people with disabilities

TweeSteden Maria Hospital garden

design for green healthy outdoor spaces

Blue Adrenaline

refurbishment of a new town house

"Our house in the middle of the street" 2.0

house Loon op Zand


expo for up and coming architects

Stad uit de School

Academy of Architecture's centenary

Double Dutch

2 houses in IJburg

Public interior Rotterdam

casestudy Erasmus Medical Centre

Calamity training centre

masterplan Koegorspolder Terneuzen

Auf Mont

hill house in Luxembourg

Forest villa

villa in Laren

Stadskantoor Rotterdam

open design competition

Villa Beukendaal

adaptive reuse of a heritage building

Paviljoen Overhoeks

competition for 'on brand' office and cafe

Virtual renovation

Moscow carwash centre

Holiday house

extreme makeover of a  70's villa

Carwash Wormerveer

concept for a carwash

Distelweg Buiksloterham

eco-plot study

Lotus Lounge

floating pavilion

"L'eautel a l'ile perdue"

urban design 't Eilandje Antwerp

"Punto de Encuentro"

Spanish cultural centre Rotterdam

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